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I was DESPERATE to buy these CDs in Japan, but unfortunately, was only able to buy one.
But never mind that, because this CD is AWESOME. 

His way with all these instrument are amazing, and his voice is so sweet. I usually choose rock over other genres, but this is an EXCEPTION. And its only his indie album!

Amazing. For the whole time I was listening to his songs, I wished I learnt the piano and the guitar and the drums and knew how to sing like that. A bonus is that his English songs are awesome with no crappy Japanese accents.

And I love his fashion, his unique top hat and ties and shirts...

I want to be like him. Or I want to be friends with someone like him.

....I think I'm being a little bit...fanatic?


My Wishlist

A lot of people seemed to have liked it, and I've liked this band before this album was released, so.


Ohashi trio
Because I absolutely loved his BAUMKOUCHEN. Absolutely wonderful mix of jazz, rock, and everything in between. Everything I love. <3
Problem is I also love his Winterland.

トクマルシューゴ's EXIT:
Sounds like funky jewelries.
Light but deep. Music I haven't really listened to before. And I loved his "Parachute".

Thats about it... but I don't think I can get all of this. I spent so much on my new Holga.
YESSS. Some photos from my first roll.

Never Ever

They make the same mistakes.
They trip over nothing,
Again and again.

Books, movies, and photos
Tell the same story,
Over and over.

They fight over the same things.
They argue over nothing,
Again and again.

Guns, knives, and bombs
Are used to kill.
Over and over.

And they will never, ever, learn.
Even if I say the same things,
Again and again.


How To's

While most of the human population are wondering what life is (although some are too busy to even consider), I am pondering how to wash my face without getting my always-running nose full of snot and ending up rubbing the disgusting substance on my face along with soap.
What a pleasant thought.
But because the internet is so diverse and full of resources (mostly unreliable, but not that it matters) I thought I could just type in: "How to wash face without snot" on google. That was when I wanted to see what would come up first after typing the words "How to wash face".
So here's the result:

...so I agree with some, but while I'm not a beauty specialist who knows exactly how to wash "properly", it's interesting (and weird) how that comes up first compared to the other results.
Like I said, the internet is so diverse.
But now I'm sounding like I was born when there was no internet. (oLD????)

there's more:

A VAMPIRE. Now that is sad.

phew. At least most of us can boil water.

anyone found something interesting come up first when searching for something?

Sanada's Summer holiday

A sneak peak at his diary entries during the summer holiday. From rajipuri.

5th of August
Today, I went to catch cicadas with Kuwahara (Jackal) and Yanagi. Yanagi caught 3 of the large brown ones, while Kuwahara caught one fukufuku ousho (I don’t know how to say this in English).

And I…didn’t even catch one.

The next time we go to catch cicadas…I want to be able to get a lot.

Comment: Even Sanada has some things he is not good at.

12th August
I went to my grandma’s house today. She made a lot of my favourite nameko jiru (a type of miso soup with mushrooms in it). Grandma’s nameko jiru is really delicious.

She also gave me some pocket money. I love my grandma very much. I hope she can live for a long time.

Comment: Yeah I can’t believe Sanada said this, but he IS a middle school student.  :D He’s so pure.

19th August
 Today, with the Rikkaidai regulars, I went to camp.  The curry rice we made together was great.

At night, inside the tent, we all took turns telling each other who we like. When it was Yagyuu’s turn, he said his mother, which was such a dissapointment. I thought it was unfair.

Comment: Yagyuu. Really, your mother. I knew it.
This is getting more and more un-Sanada like. Very interesting. The word ‘dissapoinment’ and ‘unfair’ was きょうざめ and むかつく.
きょうざめ actually means kill-joy or wet-blanket.
むかつく actually means irritated or offended
I just changed it slightly to make more sense.
I REALLY REALLY want to see that scene, where they all tell each other who they like. Not just their facial expression, but the comments they make after each person's confession.
(Someone should make a fanfic for this.)

26th August
I went to radio exercise (rajio-taiso) today. I go there to receive a stamp every morning, but noticed I had the same thing as the person who almost didn’t go at all. I felt very frustrated.

Comment: Okay, here’s where I get confused. Radio exercise isn’t something I’m familiar with, because even if I did it, it was often with my grandparents or my relatives (yeah. Go on, laugh.)  so I’m not really sure what he meant by しょうひん (I replaced this by saying thing) because it could mean award/certificate, or some sort of prize. There’s many more different meanings, so if anyone knows the correct one, it would help if you let me know.

That's it! :D

9mm Parabellum Bullet

Another JRock band with an awesome name :D
Just looking at their website when I noticed this:

Reminds me that I never bought their stuff before. I heard their 'The World' and other stuff. I realized I actually quite like this stuff.
Too bad I don't have enough MONEY  T_T (It's the only obstacle I have to overcome.)


For  those who is a fan of ajikan (like me) but unfortunately doesn't live in Japan (like me) gets a chance to have a sneak peak of their tour on the DVD. Definitely one of the many i will buy when i visit Japan.

...Its funny because when the band received one, it was a blue-ray disc, and they didn't have the player.


Requests for Rajipuri!!

I noticed that not many rajipuri are translated (or is it just me?) and for now, I accept requests for rajipuri translations. You can ask me for any other translations related to tenipuri.